Easy Group Listening

Juke keeps track of listeners as they come and go, to play a fairly shared music stream just for those nearby.

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required to play music

No more heated arguments...

Office playlists

House parties

Road trips


Will Juke work with my Sonos / Spotify Connect / Chromecast system ?

At present Juke only supports Apple AirPlay. We are actively working on supporting as many proprietary wireless speaker systems as possible.

Will I need a Spotify Premium account?

You will need a Spotify Premium account to play music via Juke. If you have an ad supported free account, you can still broadcast your music tastes and listen via another user of Juke.

How does Juke use my phone's Bluetooth?

We use your phone's Bluetooth to broadcast and find the music tastes of nearby users.

Will Bluetooth drain my battery?

Juke uses a relatively new Bluetooth protocol called Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4. It's designed to use as very little battery, over a long period of time. You shouldn't notice any more battery drain than usual.

Can I change the tracks in my chosen playlist?

You can only change your choice of playlist inside of Juke. If you want to add/remove tracks from the playlist you have selected, you can do this in your Spotify app or Spotify web player.

How do I log out of Juke and use a different Spotify account?

We're working on adding this feature, but for now you can just delete the app and redownload.Launch the App Store on your iPhone, tap on Updates, then Purchases; you should be able to find Juke in that list to redownload.

I never hear my songs being played at a Juke party, what's up with that?

Sorry about that, I'm sure you picked some right saucy tunes as well. We're working to improve the reliablitiy of the Bluetooth connection with each relase, but here are a few tips that should improve your experience:

  • Make sure Juke is running, there isn't a problem with it being in the background or your phone being locked. As long as the app is open. Try double clicking your home button to check Juke is still running.
  • When you arrive at a party, try opening Juke then lock your phone.
  • Try making your way a bit closer to the DJ booth (or wherever someone plugged their phone into some speakers). Juke should broadcast your music tastes across a room, but if you're partying in a mansion - it might not pass through those tick brick walls.

The message notification sound is interupting my party. Is there any way of stopping that?

There sure is, two ways; you can either put you phone on silent by flipping the switch on the side. Or you can turn on Do not disturb in control center.

Can I use Juke on my Android phone?

Maybe one day! We don't have any Android expertise at the moment but if that changes we'll look into building an Android version of Juke.